Rituals targets Americas Travel Retail for coming year, expands product offer with Luxury Home Products Collection

Coming off of a very successful expansion in all travel retail channels in Europe over the past two years, Dutch bath & body lifestyles brand Rituals is targeting the travel retail channel in the Americas and the Middle East in 2017. Speaking with TMI’s Lois Pasternak in Cannes, Rituals Cosmetics Director of Wholesale, Neil Ebbutt, says that the eastern-inspired, botanical-based products are particularly expanding its presence in the U.S.

“We now have ten free-standing Rituals stores in New York City, including one that opened on Fifth Avenue at the end of October and a new store in the World Trade Center. We are also in Barney’s stores throughout the country,” he says.

Rituals has also signed with Radisson for its new intermediate-tier Radisson Green range of hotel properties, and has seen its business grow by 65% in Europe since teaming with a number of big operators there, reports Ebbutt.

“Rituals is the perfect travel brand. We add value and the innovation that travel retail is looking for. Rituals is a way to connect with the millennials, who are flying an average of five times or more a year. We appeal to them since we are a brand that says slow down, connect with me. Rituals is a brand with soul,” he says, commenting on ways to increase penetration at the point of sale in airport retailing.

In the past year alone, Rituals opened a 25 sqm store with Viking Line cruises, was listed in amenities kits onboard Virgin Upper Class and Brussels Airlines business class, as well as with Thomas Cook with tax free sales onboard. It also expanded its hotel distribution to the Middle East, Finland, The Baltics, Italy, Greece and Australia, and opened a stand-alone store in Schiphol Airport. This followed its 2015 milestone of being sold in 100 airport stores and 100 cruises.

“So now it is time for us to expand our presence in travel retail in the Americas,” he says.


Luxury Home collection launches

14-07-2016-rituals-parfum-ambientRituals is also enhancing its offer by expanding beyond its bath & beauty product base, launching a new collection of luxury products for the home to travel retail. The products transform the ambience in the home with fragrances and aromas that create unique moods and moments,

“We have a very distinct brand philosophy, which is to create products that can transform every day routines into meaningful moments. The home is a great place for Rituals products to enrich your experience of everyday living…, to enjoy what we call ‘soulful living,’ ” says Ebbutt.

The collection consists of five innovative luxury home products that help “create an atmosphere that feels like a second skin,” says Ebbutt.

14-07-2016-rituals3-sachetThe five products include: Parfum d ’Interieur—a unique subtle fragrance ambiance perfume spray, available in three fragrances: Goji Berry, Sweet Orange & Cedar wood, Yi yi ren & white lotus; Rituals’ Private Collection Fragrance Sticks that offer two fresh and herbaceous aromas, and two warm and spicy scents; the Ritual of Sakura scented candle; a decorative scented door hanger that comes in three different fragrances: Yi yi ren & white lotus, rice milk & cherry blossom, almond oil & Indian rose, and a perfumed wardrobe sachet in beautiful print designs, available in almond oil and Indian rose, rice milk and cherry blossom, and Yi yi ren and white lotus.

The new luxurious home products will be available in Rituals airport stores from the beginning of November.