Post-COVID shopper conversion on the rise as m1nd-set tracks shopper trends past and present

Fewer travelers are visiting airport stores post-COVID-19, but more of those who do enter the stores are buying, says Swiss travel and travel retail market research agency m1nd-set in its latest consumer research findings. International travelers in these post-COVID-19 days are more likely to convert into buyers than they have been in recent years, according […]

ASUTIL and m1nd-set launch B1S recovery monitor to support return to growth

Latin American duty free association ASUTIL is among the first of the regional associations to partner with Swiss research agency m1nd-set to adopt m1nd-set’s recovery monitor and share insights with its members. mind-set is supporting the industry’s return to growth with traffic and shopping behavior insights from its data tool Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S). According […]

Brexit delivers significant new potential market for UK and EU duty free business

According to the latest report fromSwiss research agency m1nd-set, there might be a silver lining emerging from the confusion and crisis of the last year—in this case from Brexit.     m1nd-set reports that the number of travelers eligible to purchase duty free goods at European and British airports could increase by over 60%, following changes […]

m1nd-set: Shoppers see technology as key future trend for travel retail

Technology, the store experience and sustainability emerge as important trends that will influence shopper behavior according to the latest m1nd-set consumer insights study. The study was conducted among 1500 consumers who have traveled internationally in the past 12 months, and queried shoppers’ views on the key emerging retail trends and influencing factors that will impact […]

m1nd-set special COVID-19 report reveals long-road to post-restrictions travel/shopping

Only 20% of international travelers will travel again immediately after travel restrictions have been lifted, but this number soars to over 60% of international travelers who say they will take an international flight again within the first 3 months of an end to travel restrictions, according to a special COVID-19 report by Swiss research agency m1nd-set. The report, […]

m1nd-set: Travel retail revenues to take unprecedented hit following US and Italy Coronavirus measures

The U.S. ban on traffic from Schengen countries across Europe will result in a drop in traffic of over 3.5 million passengers over the two month period, reports Swiss research agency m1nd-set, who has analyzed the impact on air traffic across affected countries, following the United States’ unilateral travel ban on air traffic from Europe. […]

m1nd-set report: global cruise shopping is “every marketer’s dream scenario”

In its latest report, Swiss research agency m1nd-set takes a close look at onboard cruise shop-ping and how it compares with shopping at airports, concluding that cruise shopping “is every marketers’ dream scenario.” The m1nd-set research identified significant differences between international travelers shopping onboard cruise ships and in airports in terms of scale of business, […]

M1nd-set: Digital disruption creates new opportunities for Millennial marketing

Swiss research agency m1nd-set has released a special analysis on digital marketing opportunities with Millennial consumers via its Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S). M1nd-set’s B1S brings together global shopper insights drawn from 50,000 face-face interviews with travelers at airport departure gates, and IATA’s unique traffic analysis and forecasting tool DDS.   M1nd-set has been closely monitoring two […]

Latest DFWC KPI Monitor underlines the importance of differentiation

  International travelers want uniqueness and differentiation in the travel retail offer, marking them as key satisfaction drivers in the latest DFWC KPI Monitor. The Q1 2017 monitor, produced in partnership with Swiss based research and consultancy agency m1nd-set, also shows that value for money remains the most important satisfaction driver. New and different products […]

DFWC 2Q-16 Global Shopping Monitor highlights the shopping experience and duty free exclusives

Travelers appear to be happier with the duty free shopping experience these days, according to the results of the Duty Free World Council’s quarterly KPI Monitor for the second quarter of 2016. The report, which was compiled from interviews with over 4,000 travelers across all major world regions during Q2 2016, demonstrates a marked improvement in […]