Duty Free Dynamics and Seiko treat Mexico City passengers to a Day of the Dead special treat

On November 1, Duty Free Dynamics reactivated the Seiko Pop-up Shop at Dufry’s high-end, luxury brands store in Terminal 1 at Mexico City International Airport, which had first launched in September.

Since this is the date of famous Mexican holiday “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), Seiko treated all visitors with “Dead Man’s” bread and coffee of their choice, in a setting provided by Master Franchisor DFD.

“This launch event was a great way to introduce or reintroduce the Seiko brand to passengers. It was an experience beyond what the store usually does,” commented Monica Martinez, Seiko Brand Manager at DFD.

The “out of the box” event was a real success and generated substantial traffic to the store, reports DFD. In 8 hours, more than 300 visitors came across the Pop-Up to discover Seiko, and more than 200 breads and coffees were shared with visitors.