Essence Corp celebrates the Year of the Ox with Penha Duty Free & Shiseido Skincare in Curaçao

Chinese dancers perform the Dragon Dance during the Punda Vibe Night event in front of the Penha Punda store.

In one of the most memorable and colorful events of the past months, Penha Duty Free teamed up with Essence Corp, the Shiseido distributor for the Caribbean, to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Ox with blessings from Shiseido Skincare on Feb. 11-14.

Penha, the largest duty free retailer in the Caribbean with store locations in Aruba, Cayman, Curaçao, Bonaire and St. Maarten, kicked off the Chinese New Year Celebrations at Penha Punda, Curaçao, with a promotion for a “more beautiful and confident self” with the iconic Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, said the distributor.

The New Year commencement ceremony brought by Shiseido launched with a night of pampering locals at the Downtown Penha store during the Punda Vibe Street event.

Punda Vibes is a street gathering that meets every Thursday night and celebrates the history and heritage of Willemstad with the help of Curaçao’s culture cultivators and locals.

The event gives new light to the streets and alleys, promoting a homegrown love and appreciation of the locale’s diversity.

Chinese dancers performing the dragon dance come to bless the Shiseido Counter for the Chinese New Year of the Ox.
Beauty Consultant Denitza Leito explains to customers the properties of star Shiseido product Ultimune.

During this evening, guests had the opportunity to participate in a complimentary beauty consultation with a Shiseido Beauty Consultant, a raffle, spin the wheel and other fun opportunities to win prizes with their purchase of any Shiseido product. A Chinese calligraphy artist offered personalization of purchases with beautiful blessings of Good Fortune for the New Year in Chinese. The night ended with a performance of a traditional Chinese Lion Dance to kick off the New Year of the Ox.

On the third day of the New Year celebration, the calligraphy artist moved to Penha’s Saliña location.

The event was pre-promoted through an attractive e-mailer and “teasing” campaign on social media. With good brand awareness for Shiseido in this region, Essence Corp reports that the event generated a very good response from this market, even taking into account limited customer interaction and store entry due to COVID-19.

Chinese Calligrapher personalizes a customer’s shopping bag at the Shiseido Counter in the Saliña store.