Virtual Travel Retail Expo to help brands reach consumers with KOL Ambassadors program developed by FILTR and QINRIVE

The Moodie Davitt Report’s inaugural Virtual Travel Retail Expo, taking place virtually from October 12-16, will feature a pioneering consumer component.

Integrated retail marketing, communications and design agency, FILTR, and leading Asian communications consultancy, QINRIVE, have jointly developed a KOL Program that will bring a roster of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to the event.

The program will allow influencers from across Asia, Europe, USA and Australia to engage with the travel retail channel. With a collective reach of millions of consumer followers globally, the KOLs will interact and connect with brands, retailers, airports and other delegates, say the Expo organizers.


Led by FILTR’s Communica-tions Director, James Brown, and QINRIVE CEO, Ziqin (Kelly) Gao, the KOL Program is centered around a campaign called KOL Ambassadors. The campaign helps influencers discover the latest travel retail products, services and experiences in order to inspire consumers for when travel reopens.

FILTR’s James Brown

Leading KOL voices across travel, lifestyle and the worlds of beauty, fashion and F&B, will be positioned in a virtual KOL Sphere in the Experience Hub.

The KOL Ambassadors will be able to learn about the latest launches, meet with brands one-on-one and take part in product unboxing experiences remotely. At the end of the Virtual Travel Retail Expo, the Ambassadors’ top picks will be shared through their social media channels and across The Moodie Davitt Report’s platforms. Coverage from exhibitors will be achieved on an earned (unpaid) basis.

The KOL Ambassadors line-up will be announced in the coming days.


FILTR Communications Director, James Brown, commented: “Virtual Travel Retail Expo exhibitors – from the biggest multi-nationals to the newest independents and start-ups – have the opportunity to reach a broad consumer audience through the KOL Program. With international flights largely still on hold, we

know that KOLs have not had the chance to explore the latest product launches and novelties to grace travel retail stores.

“Alongside QINRIVE, we have created a channel for brands to raise awareness and build demand for their products and services in travel retail for when traveler volumes return, supporting the industry in recovery.”

The Moodie Davitt Report Founder and Chairman, Martin Moodie, commented, “The Virtual Travel Retail Expo KOL Program is really exciting. The power of digital is allowing us to innovate and challenge the status quo of tradeshows and redefine the landscape. FILTR and QINRIVE are top-class communications agencies, who The Moodie Davitt Report works with extensively, and we are delighted to be partnering with them both to bring KOLs to the expo.”

QINRIVE ASIA Founder and CEO, Kelly Gao, commented: “Travel retail is often referred to as the sixth continent, so it is fantastic to collaborate with KOLs from across different regions and come together in a new digital sixth continent – the Virtual Travel Retail Expo. Travelers from China and the broader Asian region are key to the recovery in travel retail and similarly KOLs from this part of the world are highly influential on the global stage. With hundreds of millions of loyal followers, they create and lead consumer trends, influence travel decisions and inspire consumers globally through various social media touchpoints across their travel journeys.”

Gao added: “During the past three years, QINRIVE has worked closely with leading global brands to develop integrated communications campaigns to inspire consumers with experiential campaigns in travel retail through KOLs. But after the epidemic, we have had to think carefully about how to provide fresh inspiration for the future of influencer marketing. We are honored to be a part of the new era of digital travel retail conferencing led by the Moodie Davitt Report and FILTR, and we look forward to creating a truly memorable and historic KOL Ambassadors campaign at the Virtual Travel Retail Expo.”

The KOL Program is enhanced by The Moodie Davitt Report and the line-up of official Virtual Travel Retail media partners (including TMI), providing ongoing editorial and social media support. The creation of a dedicated KOL Sphere within the Experience Hub and a KOL workshop hosted and managed by FILTR and QINRIVE will continue to shine the spotlight on this important, evolving and highly relevant marketing workstream.

Further details to be announced soon.