Beam Suntory publishes Episode 4 of Spirits Speaker Series

Ed Stening

Beam Suntory has launched the fourth video from its Spirited Speaker Series, a series of short video interviews hosted by Ed Stening, Global Head of Travel Retail Marketing at Beam Suntory.

The video series invites experts to share their perspective on how travel retail can connect with shoppers during this uncertain time, kick-starting the conversation about how brands and businesses can prepare for the ‘new normal’.

 This month Stening sat down with Tom Mouhsian, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Aviation Expert to ask him a number of questions about how major airlines have responded to COVID-19 and what is likely to change in terms of the passenger experience as we prepare to return to the ‘new normal’.

 Based in Singapore, Mouhsian specializes in customer experience and provides consultancy helping companies to prioritize their efforts and build a stronger business case for CX transformations.

 Unlike previous months, this new content has been split out into eight short videos relating to the questions asked. The full interview can be viewed HERE, and part one HERE.