Frontier Duty Free Association applauds Canadian Government support for the Hardest Hit sectors

The Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA) has applauded the Canadian Federal Government’s long-awaited Fall Economic Statement released this week which centers around support for Canada’s hardest hit businesses. The FDFA joined together with the Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses earlier this year in an effort to obtain much-needed relief for its land border members, whose […]

FDFA: Canadian government extends wage benefits for Hardest Hit Businesses after coalition appeal

A group of Canada’s businesses most impacted by COVID-19, which joined forces to help save two million Canadian jobs, received a positive response from the government. Last week the Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses (CHHB)—of which the Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA) is a member — launched a campaign calling on the federal government to extend the […]

Status of Canadian border stores after closing of border with U.S.

The U.S. and Canadian governments agreed to close their shared border to non-essential traffic on Wednesday, March 18. While some stores that serve commercial trucks carrying essential goods have remained open, most others have closed. Barbara Barrett, Executive Director of Canada’s Frontier Duty Free Association confirmed to TMI that CBSA (the Canada Border Services Agency) […]

Frontier Duty Free Association prepares to work with new Canadian government as 2019 Convention convenes

Convention highlights Reporting that attendance at the 2019 FDFA Convention was up, with more than 230 people in attendance, Frontier Duty Free Association Executive Director Barbara Barrett told TMI that the goal is for everyone to have “meaningful connections.” “Suppliers, buyers and owners are all busy in meetings, doing business,” she said about the annual […]

FDFA 2018 General Operators Meeting opening session: FDFA President Abe Taqtaq reviews past year with pride and optimism

FDFA President Abe Taqtaq, of Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Duty Free Shop, opened the 2018 Operator General meeting with a very upbeat welcome. “This year I am more excited and optimistic to open our meeting knowing what is in store for the FDFA future,” he said, discussing the enthusiasm and accomplishments of the current Board of Directors, which was elected two […]

New FDFA Executive Director spells out programs and goals

Barbara Barrett, the FDFA’s new Executive Director, enthusiastically greeted the association’s operator members, before updating them on Communications, Stakeholder Relations, Member Outreach and Government Relations. “Your board has accomplished so much; it is a thrill to work with this board. And I am really looking forward to work with the rest of you (the members) and get to […]

FDFA’s new Executive Director discusses Advocacy and Future for TR industry in Canada

One on One with Barbara Barrett, FDFA Executive Director The Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA) announced a new strategic direction for its land border duty free association in August when it appointed Barbara Barrett as the association’s new Executive Director and appointed advocacy firm Impact Public Affairs to be a proactive advocacy voice in Ottawa. […]

FDFA announces “new strategic direction” with appointment of advocacy firm and executive director

The Frontier Duty Free Association (FDFA) Board of Directors has appointed Barbara Barrett to serve as the association’s new executive director. She replaces Laurie Karson, who left the role last September after 12 years at the helm of the industry association. Barrett brings over 20 years of high level public affairs expertise to FDFA. She […]