Canada’s airport sales rise 20% in July continuing positive year; land border sales up slightly

Canada’s airport duty free sales continued its hot streak in July rising double figures yet again, while the country’s land border sales improved slightly for the month, according to the latest figures from the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).
The national airport duty free sales for July were $28 million, up 20% versus July 2013 sales. For the year, airport sales are up 15% versus the first seven months of 2013.
The national land border duty free sales for July were $16.9 million, increasing 1.09% versus July 2013. Land border sales are down 1.8% for the year.
Alcohol, the number one category on the land border with almost 37% of total sales, saw sales rise 3.73% in July. Tobacco, the number two category with almost a quarter of total sales, increased 1.86%. Perfume, with more than 16% of total sales, saw its sales drop 2.75% in July.
Regionally, land border sales were mostly positive in July. The Prairie region, with July 2014 sales of approx. $1 million, had basically flat sales for the month, slipping .04% versus July 2013 numbers. The Pacific region’s sales dropped 7% for the month, with sales of $2.5 million.
Ontario’s sales increased 2.17% in July to $8.8 million, while Atlantic/Quebec’s sales rose 4.80% in July to $4.4 million.