Canadian airport sales continue to soar; land border sales dip slightly

Halfway through 2014, Canadian airport duty free sales are up almost 15% for the year, but land border sales are down slightly for the January-June period, according to the latest numbers from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).
Airport duty free sales are up 14.96% for the year, to C$150.65 million and up 14.23% for the month of June, to $27.92 million.
Land border sales are down 2.62% for the year, to 57.87 million, and fell .68% in June, to $13.43 million.
Alcohol, the #1 sales category (37.62%) on the land border, fell .84% in June. Tobacco, category #2 (25.6%), grew by .83% in June, while Perfume, Cosmetics, Skincare, (16.3%), slipped 3.13%.
In May, Canadian airport sales jumped 20% versus May 2013, reaching $24 million. For the year airport sales were up about 15%.
Land border duty free sales for the month were $12.3 million, dropping 1.5% in May 2014 versus the same month one year ago. For the year sales were down around 3%.