Canadian airport sales continued to grow in November, land border sales drop

Canada’s airport duty free sales continued to grow in November 2015, although land border sales dropped for the month, according to the latest figures from the Canada Border Services Agency.

November airport sales were up 6.15%. Perfume, Cosmetics, Skincare, which makes up more than one third of Canada’s airport duty free sales, rose 11% in November. Alcohol (more than 20% of sales) grew 12.85% in November. Tobacco fell 6.92%.

Airport sales increased a very strong 17.28% for the January-November period.

Land border sales slipped 1.71% in November. Stronger alcohol sales could not overcome a drop in both tobacco and perfume sales. While Alcohol, the #1 category with more than 40% of sales, grew 6.87% in November, #2 Tobacco dropped 13.5% for the month, and the #3 category, Perfume, Cosmetics, Skincare, was down 10.4%.

For the first eleven months land border sales are still showing positive growth, up 3.38%.

Regionally, Ontario sales increased 1.17% and Atlantic/Quebec was up 0.42%, but Pacific sales dropped 7%, and the Prairie region fell 17% in November.