Canadian airport sales up 9% in 2013; land border sales flat

Canadian land border sales were basically flat in 2013, but airport sales rose more than 9% for the year, according to the latest figures reported by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).
Canadian land border sales ended 2013 down .22% with sales for the year equaling $146 million.
December sales fell 3.29%.
Canada’s 2013 airport sales were almost double the land border sales, reaching $273 million, up 9.15% for the January-December 2013 period. December airport sales increased 9.09%.

Top Categories
The top three categories sold in Canada’s airports were all up for the year in 2013. Perfume, Cosmetics, & Skincare, which makes up almost a third of airport duty free sales, had its sales jump
14.67% versus 2012. Alcohol sales increased 6.27%, with tobacco up slightly, 1.14%.
Perfume, Cosmetics, & Skincare was the lone bright spot among the top categories for Canada’s land
border stores in 2013 with sales up 4.26% for the year. Alcohol, the land border’s largest category with 37.22% of the sales, slipped .44%, and tobacco dropped 2.46%.