Chabot Armagnac targets U.S. travel retail

Chabot Armagnac is focusing on the U.S. travel retail market as its next target in the channel.

Following the brand’s initial recent break into the U.S. travel retail market with DFS at Los Angeles International Airport, the company has reached an agreement with Dufry to list the Armagnac brand at three new U.S. airport locations for the first time: Chicago O’Hare International, Seattle-Tacoma International and Newark Liberty International airports.

The U.S. travel retail channel is seen as a very important long-term market for the global growth of Chabot, a natural progression from building on its exponential growth in Asian travel retail – the brand is now stocked in 48 of Asia’s top 50 airports.

Kathleen Gentzbourger, President of Chabot Armagnac, said: “Although we have a growing foothold in the U.S. domestic market, we are now seeking to make a bigger impact in the travel retail channel in the country, which we see as an untapped opportunity, building on our original listing with DFS in LA and now at the three new U.S. airports with Dufry.”

Chabot Armagnac won three awards at the 2019 USA Spirit Ratings in San Francisco.

The 30 Year Old Chabot was awarded a Gold rating and Best in Show by Country Category, while XO Superior received a Silver rating and the newly-released Chabot Very Special earned a Bronze rating.

“The three awards for Chabot Armagnac expressions at the world-renowned USA Spirit Ratings will significantly add to the appeal of the brand, and gives us extra confidence to pursue more listings in the Americas market. We believe there is a big market out there for niche and luxury brands like Chabot, which has a rich heritage and unique story,” says Gentzbourger.

The USA Spirits Ratings are judged on three separate scores for Quality, Value, and Packaging.