Dufry wins new retail contracts at Jamaica’s Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay

Global travel retailer Dufry has been awarded a new concession license at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where it has held a contract since 2012. The airport operator, MBJ Airports Limited (“MBJ”), is currently expanding and redeveloping the retail space as it expands and modernizes the facility. Montego Bay is one of the main airports in Jamaica.

The new agreement allows Dufry to considerably expand its presence at the airport, where it will increase the retail space from 1,800 square meters to 2,260 square meters in total. The expanded space will allow Dufry to offer an extended product assortment to the 4.6 million travelers who visit the airport each year.

The concession contract consists of both duty free and duty-paid elements.

First, a new five-year duty free contract effective as of August 2021 will feature a newly designed walk-through shop, two last-minute duty free shops in the departure areas and a duty free arrival shop. The duty free offering includes all the typical core categories such as perfume & cosmetics, spirits, food & confectionery and tobacco, complemented by watches & jewelry, accessories, electronics and luggage.

The second part is the six-year duty-paid concession effective as of June 2021, which includes several of Dufry’s specialized shop concepts such as Tech-On-The-Go for electronics; Spirit of Jamaica for souvenirs and the typical Hudson convenience shop offering a vast assortment of travel essen-tials. These new shops are spread across the whole airport to serve both domestic and international travelers. 

Julian Diaz, Dufry Group CEO, commented: “We are proud to have been awarded this new concession contract in the completely renewed Montego Bay airport. Jamaica and the Caribbean in general are an important and attractive tourist destination, where we have been successfully operating for many years and we are now looking forward to welcoming our cus-tomers with an increased offer of renowned global brands and local premium labels. I would like to thank our partners at MBJ Airports Limited for the trust put in Dufry and our local team, which we will honor with a state-of-the-art shopping environment, to create a mutually successful business.”

MBJ Chief Executive Officer Shane Munroe says that he is confident that Dufry will continue to build on the excellent work they have been doing over the years and especially during this period.

“We have enjoyed a successful relationship with Dufry since they commenced operation at MBJ in 2012, and we are very pleased to have them continue with us as we enhance the retail offer and level of service to our passengers,” said Munroe.