Express your soul with Rituals Summer Limited Edition Collection

Rituals express yourself8902 v3 smallIn a unique creative co-operation with the street artist MadC, Rituals has produced a range of seven products for the body and home in a limited edition summer collection called “Express your Soul.”

The German-born artist, who has transitioned from graffiti to gallery work, has made expressing her true self her life’s passion.

The collection’s fragrance combines the invigorating properties of verbena with the floral and citrus scent of petitgrain, creating a refreshing, summery feeling.

The range includes Sugar Body Scrub, Caring Shower Oil, Foaming Shower Gel, Shimmering Body Cream, Refreshing Bed & Body Mist as well as Cold Brew Iced-Tea and a Sketchbook/journal designed by MadC, with luxurious gold details.

“We have created a unique connection between the contemporary street artist, MadC, whose art is a way of expressing her soul, and the name of this limited edition, Express your Soul, which fits perfectly. It’s also a Collection designed to strengthen our reputation forbringing limited editions to the travel retail customer,” commented Neil Ebbutt, Director Wholesale for Rituals.

The full range of seven products and MadC’s Sketchbook is available in Rituals airport standalone stores and a selection from the range is going into Rituals travel retail shop-in-shop locations. A bespoke merchandising unit has also been produced to enhance instore visibility for this Collection.

The collection is available as of April 3.