Ferrero says Hello World with new travel exclusive Nutella platform

Nutella ApparelFerrero Travel Market launched an imaginative new Nutella plat-form in travel retail in Cannes.

Called “Hello World,” the platform includes activations, point of sale materials and a new travel exclusive product range. It will roll out globally in February 2018.

Based on the results of a seg-mentation study Ferrero conducted last year with thousands of passen-gers in airports all over the world, Ferrero created a stand-alone plat-form on the theme of “optimism,” which it says is one of Nutella’s strongest values.

Focus groups helped Ferrero test the new Nutella range for brand recognition and consumer needs. The positive results showed an  overall liking of all SKUs exceeded 80%; more than 70% of respon-dents considered the products ideal for gifting; and 74% said they would add one of the Nutella products to their basket.

Frederic Thil, General Manager Ferrero Travel Market, comments: “Ferrero is leading the travel retail confectionery category through its imaginative and innovative activa-tions and its creative approach to product design. Our praline and

Kinder platforms have set the benchmark for retail theater and created a contemporary and dynamic aura for these iconic Ferrero brands.

GIFT-BOX_ILoveYou “In designing the ‘Hello World’ platform we set out to emphasize Nutella’s distinctive qualities – its ‘Nutellaness’. We wanted to attract the shopper through multiple touch points, interact with him with fun activities and showcase our new travel-exclusive range. We look forward to working with retailers to roll this out worldwide early next year.”

The new collection features a ‘Nutella Apparel’ gift presentation of a 750g pot of Nutella, with a zip-up top collectable sleeve, which can afterwards serve as a pen and pencil caddy or a make-up brush holder.

The collection also includes ‘Say it with Nutella’ gift boxes that open to reveal a 350g jar with an ‘I love you’ or ‘For you’ printed label; and the ‘Nutella Ultimate Kit,’ a jar-shaped tin containing a 180g pot of Nutella spread, a spreader and a placemat so Nutella can be enjoyed on the go.

The new Nutella platform also includes three travel exclusive best-sellers: Nutella Big Jar packed with 21 little 30g pots; Nutella One-a-

Day set of seven 30g pots; and the individual Nutella Mini-pot 30g that is designed as an impulse purchase at the checkout.

The “Hello World” platform extends to interactive point of sale materials, using the latest face recognition technology. A touch-screen invites the shopper to touch and smile; the smile detector then suggests the most appropriate Nutella SKU to match his smile and the appropriate shelf lights up.