Future Airports: From Here to Where?

Portland Design, who together with travel retail blog www.trunblocked.com, is hosting the Future Airports: From Here to Where?  webinar taking place on September 16, 2020, announce some changes.

Due to the high demand the event has received, the organizers changed the original schedule from two UK time afternoons, to a single day on Sept. 16, offering both a morning and an afternoon session in order to accommodate different time zones.

For delegates who cannot be available at those times, or can only watch a portion because of time zones, there will also be on-demand access to all of the content post-event.

This event will bring together a line-up of speakers and panelists from both inside and outside the airport and travel retail industry, with the aim to deliver brand new thinking towards the many challenges that lie ahead of the industry.

The key focus is the future.

The agenda will be covering the entire airport experience.

“We believe that airports need to repurpose themselves and reimagine the consumer experience,” says the event website.

“From the panelists who are involved, I promise you the con-tent is wholly and genuinely original with a healthy and discernible difference from any previous webinar,” Peter Marshall, founder of www.trunblocked.com, tells TMI.

“Yes it is provocative, but with a clear direction – to offer new thinking, new guiding principles and solutions for the airport and travel retail businesses. And airlines!”

Portland Director Lewis Allen, in a recent interview with Mark Lane on the trunblocked blog, explains that previous conversations around the future of airports since COVID-19 struck have been fragmented.

“This event strives to assemble stakeholders from different disciplines and experiences who can be in the same conversation at the same time, which can provide a lot of new insights for our audience,” he said.

The common theme running through all the participants is that they have something in their vision that is future-focused. They understand the opportunity for airports and travel retail, and they can suggest the right kind of changes to make revolution happen, noted Allen.

In addition to people from inside the business there are also some fresh voices from domestic retail who are coming up with real, actionable solutions. There will be tools in the webinar set up so that the audience can contribute to the debate. Panelists will respond to any specific questions addressed to them, he said.

The webinar will feature a combination of live studio panel sessions, pre-recorded interviews and virtual connectivity, will be dedicated to covering all the elements that revolve around the customer’s experience – both the operational process and the commercial components of the holistic experience.

Importantly, it will also be exploring new commercial models. The new reality is that airports will have to deliver more convenient and compelling experiences aligned with new types of revenue.

The organizers are calling on airport authorities, airport owners, institutional investors, retailers, F&B operators, brands, airlines or planners to attend. Please see below for the webinar series Program Schedule and speakers.


To register, please go to:  www.fromheretowhere.co.uk