Genting’s Dream Cruises partners with Starboard to create a luxury retail experience at sea for Asia market

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Dream Cruises, owned and conceived by Genting Hong Kong, is the first luxury cruise line catering to the large and rapidly growing premium market in China and Asia. Miami-based Starboard Cruise Services, owned by worldwide luxury provider LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, specializes in duty free shopping and has expertise in luxury brands, two important attractions for Asian travelers.

Starboard’s retail services will include onboard shops, TV programming, publications and special events.

Dream Cruises was conceived by Genting Hong Kong, a leading corporation principally engaged in the business of cruise and cruise related operations along with leisure, entertainment and hospitality activities for more than 20 years. Starboard’s shops will be aboard the 3,400- passenger Genting Dream, the inaugural ship of Dream Cruises which launches in November 2016, followed by its sister ship World Dream in November 2017.

With a separate Asia division based in Hong Kong, Starboard has been steadily building its presence in the Asia market and brings key resources to support its partnership with Dream Cruises. The company is a long-time onboard retailer for leading cruise lines in Asia. It has earned several awards for travel retail excellence from Duty Free News International (DFNI), including Best Cruise/Ferry Travel Retailer in Asia/Pacific for both 2015 and 2016.

“We’re excited to partner with Dream Cruises in serving the most important emerging cruise sector in years,” said Emily Wong, vice president and general manager of Starboard’s Luxury Cruise Retail division. “We look forward to sharing our resources in the luxury and Asia markets and helping Dream Cruises to create transformational journeys at sea for this exciting market.”

Dream Cruises President Thatcher Brown said: “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Starboard Cruise Services to deliver an inspirational, entertaining shopping experience at sea for Dream Cruises guests. Starboard’s renowned expertise in luxury retail will enable us to offer an incredible range of top luxury and lifestyle brands, along with highly tailored offerings including in-cabin shopping and dedicated personal shopper concierge services.”

“The range of stores and depth of items available will be second-to-none, all part of an unparalleled Dream Cruises leisure vacation experience for discerning customers across China and Asia.”


About Starboard Cruise Services

Founded in 1958, Starboard is headquartered in Miami with offices in Genoa and Hong Kong. It operates the retail concessions on more than 100 ships of leading global cruise lines operating in markets including Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.


About Dream Cruises

Genting’s Dream Cruises offers inspirational luxury, which is “Asian at heart and international in spirit,” says the company.

Purpose-built for the China and Asia market, Genting Dream, and its sister ship World Dream will offer guests the highest levels of service and spacious comfort in the region.

More than 70% of staterooms on each ship will feature private balconies and 100 connecting rooms catering to extended families and groups. Two floors of lavish suites in the exclusive Dream Mansion will feature European butler service and special guest privileges.