Haleybrooke International to represent U’Luvka Vodka in Travel Retail

Haleybrooke International (HI) has announced that it will represent U’Luvka Vodka in Duty Free and Travel Retail in the Americas and Caribbean.

“U’Luvka Vodka is a winning brand. It’s an internationally popular vodka which I know will do well in the duty free sector. Many Travel Retail operators prefer to sell whiskies and cognacs due to the higher price points but U’Luvka Vodka has a very high retail for a vodka and the packaging and quality vodka justifies what we believe is a perfect retail position,” says Patrick Nilson, President of Haleybrooke International.

ukuvkaU’Luvka Vodka, a super-premium vodka, made from the finest rye, wheat and barley grown in Northern Poland, will be selling in duty free at US$ 45 for a 750ml. The bottle design has won seven international awards for best packaging in the past two years. U’Luvka vodka

“I am looking forward to bringing this vodka to my duty free customers. For one, the vodka is outstanding. It’s won over sixty-six international awards including ‘best super premium vodka in the world.’ In addition, the bottle is aesthetically impressive; it catches your eye and people will stop to take notice of it,” says Roger Thompson, Vice President of Haleybrooke International.

“I am looking forward to working with Haleybrooke International and introducing U’Luvka Vodka to duty free. I believe it is a critical decision to choose the right partners and I am confident that we are putting our brand in very good hands. This alliance will have a positive outcome for all consumers who shop duty free. They will have the benefit of access to one of the best super premium vodkas in the world, U’Luvka Vodka!” says Wojtek Wydro, Sales & Marketing Director of U’Luvka Vodka.