Hudson Group venture win at LAX T6 showcases adaptability of the “Hudson” store design

Hudson Group joint venture HG LAX T6 JV was recently awarded the retail contract at Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 6. The team will debut a cutting edge LA-centric travel essentials concept called Market 8600 that was specifically matched to “The Boulevard” design theme created by developer Westfield. Market 8600 is a variation of Hudson Group’s highly success-ful Hudson convenience con-cept. The 2,100+ square foot store expands on the original concept with bold lighting and visual elements reminiscent of the 8600 block of LA’s Sunset Plaza, a chic two-block strip of fashionable boutiques and outdoor cafés nestled between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
Hudson Group President & CEO Joe DiDomizio explains: “Market 8600 demonstrates our designers’ ability to adapt the Hudson design to embrace a local theme, as they recently did in Dallas Love Field’s Hudson West End News. Outside, the LAX storefront’s digital display creates a dramatic, sophisticated LA neighborhood vibe. Inside, the store is pure ‘Hudson’…”
Hudson is also debuting the first Belkin electronics store in an airport. Belkin is headquartered in Los Angeles, and brings local and international brand recognition.
The group won Package B as part of a recent competitive bid process by LAX developer Westfield.
Hudson also operates news, gift, specialty retail shops and bookstores in Terminals 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).
Hudson now has more than 40 retail stores of which 19 are in TBIT.
The newly formed joint venture team is comprised of HG-Concourse-Nixon, LLC and locally based ACDBE partners, Stewart Manhattan Investments, Inc., Z Venture Capital Frontiers, Inc., Arandia Designs and MAJ Collection, Inc. HG-Concourse-Nixon, LLC is comprised of Hudson Group (HG) Retail, LLC
and locally based partners, Concourse Ventures, Inc. and Norm Nixon & Associates, Inc.