MBWS celebrates its Maison Gautier cognacs

Gamme-Gautier-medailles-final small


The Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits Group’s award-winning Maison Gautier is celebrating its 260th anniversary with a new commitment to travel retail. In Cannes ( Yellow Village E32) Gautier will be displaying its full range of Cognacs including VS, XO, Gold and Blue, which between them have won 15 major awards including twice being recognized as the ‘Best Cognac’ in 2015 (at San Francisco World Spirits competition, and the World Cognac Awards).

The company will also reveal a new brand design and packaging for Gautier, created to better express the cognac’s unique qualities and heritage.

“We have a real gem in Gautier Cognac, with fantastic heritage and a 260 year history that we want to share with the world,” says MBWS Global Travel Retail Director Kevin Baker. “Couple this with its amazing record of awards every year, including Best Cognac, and you’ll understand why I believe it is the perfect brand for Travel Retail. With this history, these awards, and a willingness to invest in the right brand exposure activities, Gautier Cognac provides a tremendous opportunity for profitable sales.”

TFWA World Exhibition is being used as a forerunner to the new look launch – we will be using new background visuals and communication tone to set the scene for what will be a major announcement later this year,” he adds.