New Surface Protection Program for cruiselines, ferries and other travel outlets works on molecular level to protect against microbes

Cruise veterans Mark Lewis-Jones and Tony Murray of Taras Consultancy are bringing another cutting-edge safety product/service to travel retail with the AEGIS Microbe Shield.

The innovative new surface protectant is being offered by authorized sales agency Taras Consultancy, in partnership with AMPC Global, which has been granted exclusivity for cruise ships and ferries, and all maritime terminals, as well as some resorts, attraction parks, and airports, Lewis-Jones tells TMI.

What makes the AEGIS Microbe Shield different from other sanitizing treatments is that it forms a long-lasting antimicrobial polymer that molecularly bonds to the microscopic pores of any hard or soft surface. This molecular bond forms an optically transparent protective shield. Microorganisms are attracted to the coating’s positive charge and at that point, the AEGIS shield inhibits the growth of microbes on the surfaces by neutralizing the microbes’ natural cell wall protection. The antimicrobial treatment creates a bed of spikes that can puncture the cell wall of microorganisms.

It is offered under a PROTECT Surface Protection Program, which combines cleaning, disinfection, and the AEGIS Microbe Shield. A single application can provide on-going antimicrobial surface protection for up to 1 year. The treatment can prevent microbial growth on treated surfaces by up to 99.9% between regular cleanings, says the company information.

The AEGIS Microbe Shield can be applied to both hard and soft surfaces to control and prevent microbial growth, which means it can be used on fabrics as well as walls, floors and other surfaces, says Lewis-Jones.

The program also provides customers with communication items to demonstrate their commitment to surface protection, including decals and a completion certificate that can be prominently displayed (see below).

The PROTECT Surface Protection Program is already in use with the NY, NJ, and Toronto Transit Authorities, Nike and Under Armor athletic brands, Starwood and Shangri La Hotels, as well as pro sports teams such as Miami Heat, and top medical facilities in North America.

Tony Murray, CEO of Taras Consulting, says: “As people return to travel and get out for work and pleasure, they want to know that their safety and well-being are important to the businesses where they work and patronize.”


Protecting Surfaces

Murray explains that the system first protects surfaces that are frequently touched with AEGIS Microbe Shield 3-Step System, which includes cleaning and sanitizing, then applying AEGIS Microbe Shield by Microban. High touch surfaces include, but are not limited to, door handles, railings, elevator buttons, ATM cash machines, bathroom installations, poker chips, and slot machines.

“AEGIS is an added layer to any pre-existing cleaning and sanitizing program, and does not replace cleaning techniques, but assists them. Disinfectants and sanitizers, once dry, offer no protection to surfaces, and are subsequently vulnerable to microbial contamination. AEGIS protects those surfaces and ensures your company has taken the most effective steps to keep high touch surfaces cleaner, while complying with the most current norms, regulations, and laws governing cleanliness and safety, as we all move forward together out of this global health crisis,” says Murray.

Also of critical importance, AEGIS is safe to use and will not leach into people’s skin, clothing, or even into the environment, adds Lewis-Jones.

“In fact, the AEGIS Microbe Shield is the industry’s leading durable anti-microbial technology, and has more than three decades of proven historical data. It is also used widely in consumer goods such as athletic apparel, diapers, wound dressings, and uniforms,” he says.

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