No.1 Wine & Spirits – Made in Sweden and investing for growth

Well-known spirits specialist Andre de Almeida has set up a new drinks industry consultancy, and announces that No.1 Wine & Spirits AB, an independent spirits private company, originally launched in 2007 in Sweden by company founder, Glenn Ström, is looking to expand internationally.

The company reports that it plans to growbeyond the Nordic borders into North America, UK, Europe, Middle East and Global Travel Retail. The company has already started to expand and to support its growth ambitions, and has created a wholly owned subsidiary based in the UK, No.1 Wine & Spirits Ltd (UK).

 The new division will be responsible for the No.1 Wine & Spirits international business outside of the Nordics. The company has appointed experienced drinks industry executive Robert Cooper as its Chief Executive Officer. Cooper has held senior roles at Diageo, SABMiller and Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits Group amongst others.

The No.1 Gin of Sweden range includes: Premium Gin; Premium Gin Elderflower & Citrus; Premium Gin Bloodgrape, Orange and Lemon; Premium Gin Strawberry. The No.1 Vodka of Sweden range includes: Premium Vodka; Premium Vodka Tropical; Premium Vodka Blueberry & Raspberry; Premium Vodka Pomegranate. No.1 W&S also produces a recyclable Bag in Box (BIB) range for its vodka and gin and an organic vodka from local Swedish wheat and is aiming to achieve B-Corp status.

Investing for growth

No.1 Wine & investing to sup-port its future growth by signifi-cantly increasing the production site in its home city of Vänersborg, where it is raising capacity from 200,000 9LE to 1,000,000 9LE. The new plant is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

The ambitious plan will support the expected business growth at the home for the blending, bottling, labelling and packaging of the No.1 products made in Sweden.

The pure water of Vänersborg’s Lake Vänern and the finest Swedish grains for distillation sourced from local farms, form the heart of the No.1 spirits range.