Paint Monkey invites travelers to create their own masterpieces at PIT

The new Paint Monkey studio at PIT is a big hit with familiesFraport USA announces the arrival of Paint Monkey at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The local do-it-yourself paint studio is the latest pop-up to open through Airmall Pittsburgh’s POP-OPPs program. Paint Monkey’s new art kiosk on Concourse B adapts the brand’s unique studio space to an airport setting.

With Paint Monkey, travelers have an opportunity to paint their own masterpieces on pre-sketched canvases in a range of sizes designed to fit into carry-on baggage. The artists’ creations can also be shipped to their home or destination. For time-pressed travelers, Paint Monkey offers spin art, and pre-painted merchandise featuring iconic Pittsburgh imagery are also available for purchase. Prices for the colorful do-it-yourself creations start at $10 and range from cupcakes, robots and unicorns to Pittsburgh skylines and abstract art.