OAG: Shake up in South America aviation

In its June 25th coronavirus update report by Becca Rowland, OAG Aviation World-wide points out that while aviation is “reeling” around the world, South America’s carriers are not receiving the significant government support that North America and Europe have seen for airlines. This will be an important factor in how the industry on these continents will emerge from the […]

Nearly 2 million airline seats affected by new Europe to U.S. travel ban, says OAG

Travel data provider OAG estimates that the Europe to United States travel ban announced by U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday night, not surprisingly, will have far-reaching implications for the global aviation industry. OAG says that the ban will affect 10.9% of all international flights and 16.9% of all scheduled international seats between the United […]

London Heathrow still world’s most connected airport; Chicago O’Hare wins OAG’s connectivity award in U.S.

Once again, London’s Heathrow Airport has proved to be the world’s most internationally connected airport in OAG’s Megahubs Connectivity Index. There are over 65,000 possible connections on the busiest day for aviation at Heathrow and while the Megahubs Index score for LHR is slightly below where it was a year ago, the airport continues to […]