OAG: U.S. domestic airline capacity improved to 6% below pre-pandemic levels

U.S. domestic airline capacity continues to see growth this month and is now just 6% below January 2019, reports OAG. New York and Florida continue to lead in airline capacity, with five of the busiest airline routes starting or ending in New York and five starting or ending in Florida.

But from a global viewpoint, eight of the top 10 busiest domestic airline routes operate within Asia: Two Jakarta routes; two Chinese routes, between Shanghai – Beijing, and Shanghai – Shenzhen: three Japanese routes serving Tokyo and one route operates within South Korea. Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah-Riyadh route and Australia’s Melbourne-Sydney route round out the list.

Dubai has kept its position as the world’s biggest international hub in January with four of the routes in the Top 10 International Routes.

New York JFK to London Heathrow (JFK-LHR) is the fifth busiest global international route this month with 213,199 seats.

Taking a closer look at the U.S. market, New York to Chicago (LGA-ORD) is the busiest domestic route with a total of 262,256 scheduled seats (a 21% increase from last month).

In second place, New York JFK to Los Angeles (JFK-LAX) reports  261, 813 scheduled seats. Atlanta to Orlando (ATL-MCO) has 251,029 seats making it the third busiest route.

Two LAX routes –to Honolulu and to Dallas- fell off the Top 10 list in January, but the LAX-Las Vegas route comes in at #10.

By region in the Americas, seven of the Top 10 busiest Latin American international routes connect with an airport in the U.S.

Five of the busiest international routes in North America connect a U.S. airport with one in Mexico.