Travel Blue teams up with Braun, Oral-B and Duracell

Travel Blue has partnered with Braun in travel retail to offer a selective range of Braun, Oral-B and Duracell products.

The three global brands will form part of the Travel Blue offer and will be featured on their display stands, which are already present in hundreds of airports in over 100 countries worldwide.

Duracell_Ultra_Power_AA(1)The partnership will generate additional sales to the retailer on existing space, creating incremental business without needing any extra space, says the company.

“We are delighted about this new collaboration to offer these 3 global brands. The carefully selected range we are offering is a natural extension to our well established distribution, especially in the airport shops working with the top global operators,” says Avi Levin, owner and Managing Director of Travel Blue.

“We are delighted about this cooperation with Travel Blue which will bring additional placements at key international airports around the world.