Travel Markets Insider Newsletter Vol. 15 No. 49

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South American Duty Free Association ASUTIL has elected its new officers and Board for 2014-2015, with Neutral CEO Enrique Urioste taking the top position as President. Although Urioste was the Association’s first Secretary General and very instrumental in helping determine its ultimate format and jurisdiction, he tells TMI that this is the first time that he is holding the position of President.


We are delighted to here share Enrique Urioste’s comments on assuming the Presidency:


“It is a real honor to be the new President of ASUTIL. 

This Association was the one that in 1996 introduced me to this great Industry that is so easy to fall in love with. I don’t know any other one as dynamic, competitive and still very human and friendly.

The reasons why ASUTIL was created by Santos Fagundez (BRASIF), Adolfo Pertierra Menendez (INTERBAIRES), Victor Hugo Bonett (LONDON SUPPLY), Walter Zeinal (ZEINAL Hnos) and Daniel Pomies (NEUTRAL), are as valid as always.

ASUTIL was created to defend and promote the Duty Free Industry. If we see the evolution that Duty Free had in South America from 1996 to date it is quite a progress.

Measure it by Square meters, by SKU, employees, fiscal contribution to the states and airports, social responsibility with direct impact on local communities or by turnover, this industry had a phenomenal growth.

ASUTIL, loyal to its mandate, is an association that continuously promotes this industry and is always there to help when our members require it.

I am really proud and willing to accept this new challenge that was so effectively done by all the past Presidents of ASUTIL. It is also an honor to count with this great Board and the support of the Secretary General Jose Luis Donagaray and his team.”                                                       Enrique Urioste


To see the names of the rest of the newly-elected ASUTIL officers and Board members, please go to page 1, Inside Insider.


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ASSOCIATION NEWS. With the Duty Free Show of the Americas just around the corner, IAADFS reports that it is on track to sell out its exhibit space for 2014.  And ETRC – the European Travel Retail Council – reports on a critical vote by the European Parliament Transportation Committee that could help bolster airport shopping.


Erik Juul-Mortensen has been elected President of Tax Free World Association, and his fifteenth term of office will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Association which was set up by a handful of brand-owners on a not-for-profit basis in 1984.

CTO– the Caribbean Tourism Organization – again calls on the group’s member states to promote Caribbean as a single tourism destination. More details on page 4.


WORLD CUP 2014.With the Soccer World Cup kicking off in Brazil in June, Miami International Airport is expecting such a huge influx of traffic from soccer fans from North America, Europe and even Asia, it has created a new marketing logo emphasizing its travel connection as the Gateway to Brazil.


Most of this week’s focus is on some of the innovative, creative activities taking place at the point of sale in travel venues throughout the region.


TAG Heuer in Cozumel; Martinique‘s first Cruise Village; Ferrari perfumes races into Brazil; Bacardi opens its first permanent rum bar in the Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise LinesJohnnie Walker Blue Label lights up Miami with a special airport gallery.