Travel Markets Insider Newsletter Vol. 17 No. 38

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Today, Haiti is in the news at Travel Markets Insider.
In a special interview with Estée Lauder’s President of Travel Retailing Worldwide, Olivier Bottrie, we take a look at the miracle that is the Lycée Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable, the world-class school that was built in Saint-Marc, Haiti with tremendous support from the global travel retail industry. It is now more than five years since the formation of the Hand in Hand for Haiti Foundation – the wonderful organization behind the building of the Lycée, and not only is the school up and running, it is growing and having a significant impact on the surrounding community. Bottrie is one of the three duty free executives, along with former DFS Chairman and CEO Ed Brennan and The Moodie Report‘s Martin Moodie, who put together the Hand in Hand for Haiti program and has worked ceaselessly to make sure it survives and prospers. He speaks with TMI about the school’s vision, where it is today and what comes next. See pages 4 & 5.
*Full disclosure: TMI’s Lois Pasternak is very honored to be on the Advisory Board of the Hand in Hand for Haiti program in Miami.
Our second Haiti story of the week also involves the generosity of the travel retail industry, and stretches from Canada to Paris, and beyond. Canadian border operator Importations Guay Ltée, spearheaded by Vice President Justin Guay, has been approved by TFWA Care for a project in Cap Haitien, Haiti, that will impact the lives of 75 impoverished children in the devastated island country. See story on page 1.
Airport News. San Francisco posts the highest rate of international traffic growth in the United States in 2015, while nationally, a record 209.1 million international passengers visited the U.S. last year.  Page 1.
In more Airport News, we have flowers at MIA, Apple apps at DFW, a terminal redo at LAX, and ACI announces a partnership to offer advanced master’s degrees in airport management. Pages 2 & 3.
PEOPLE. Marcelo Colombo, currently commercial director at Edrington WEBB, is off to Singapore for an exciting new opportunity. Buckley London appoints a new global head of sales. Ferrero names Patrick Baubry to head up travel retail. Pages 1, 3.
ASUTIL.  Registration is now open for the 2016 ASUTIL Conference, taking place June 8-11 in Santiago, Chile. See page 1 or click here for information.