WEBB Banks hosts second biennial Distributor Conference focused on strengthening partnerships at Southern Glazer’s

The WEBB Banks and Southern Glazer’s team gathered in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the second biennial Distributor Conference earlier this month.

WEBB Banks, the Travel Retail Sales & Export division of Southern Glazer’s, hosted its second biennial Distributor Conference at the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico earlier in June. The company tells TMI that the event focused on fortifying existing partnerships and fostering collaboration while reinforcing Southern Glazer’s as an industry leader in the region.

A total of 243 participants, including 42 suppliers and 75 distributors from 32 markets across the Caribbean and Central America, were in attendance. The two-day conference featured three speaker sessions and 884 one-on-one meetings between suppliers and distributors.

Gustavo Valdor (orange shirt), Commercial Director, International at Ay Mezcal LLC. Zignum, Recuerdo, and Senorio Mezcal, presenting the award-winning Recuerdo Mezcal to distributors.

The speaker sessions equipped attendees with innovative ideas and valuable insights into market dynamics, while the one-one-one meetings provided suppliers and distributors the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions and develop collaborative strategies.

“These interactions helped cultivate new and long-standing alliances, explore untapped opportunities, and drive future growth and innovation within the respective markets,” Andrea Consuegra, Chief of Staff tells TMI.

Scott Oppenheimer, East Region President, kicked off the speaker series, informing attendees about Southern Glazer’s and highlighting how synergistic partnerships would catalyze mutual growth and success.

Brian Masilionis, Senior Director, Customer Development, National Accounts On-Premise, shared the latest findings of the Liquid Insights Tour, offering a comprehensive overview of evolving consumer preferences and industry trends.

Brian Masilionis, Southern Glazer’s Senior Director, Customer Development, National Accounts On-Premise, on stage during his presentation.

Michael Cheng, Dean, Florida International University (FIU) Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, concluded the series by discussing macro-trends for the Caribbean and Central America and providing attendees with a forward-looking perspective crucial for navigating the ever-changing landscape of the region.

“The WEBB Banks Distributor conference highlighted the significance of partnership, collaboration and the commitment of our stakeholders toward revolutionizing the beverage alcohol industry. Participants developed a unified vision for a thriving future for the beverage distribution landscape under Southern Glazer’s,” concluded Consuegra.