A Travel Retail Profile: Duty Free Dynamics CEO Nicolas Dobry enhances Scuba Diving adventure with new Seiko diving watch

Nicolas Dobry, a 47-year-old diving enthusiast, and CEO of travel retail Master Franchisor Duty Free Dynamics, recently had his first opportunity to dive with his new Seiko Prospex Diver Automatic. The special edition watch was jointly developed with PADI, the mecca of recreational diving.


Duty Free Dynamics’ brand portfolio of innovative, global brands for the Travel Retail channel of the Americas covers 10 product categories, including watches. As of a year ago, DFD partnered with Seiko, one of the most widely recognized brands in the world of watches.


Dobry tells us that a recent trip to Grand Cayman was his first opportunity to test the new Seiko Prospex Diver Automatic.


He comments… “I was very impressed. This is a robust watch, 43.8 mm, with Hardlex crystal, 200 m water resistant, and underwater visibility that I’ve rarely seen before…It’s also such an attractive, super-sporty model, that I’ve been wearing it on the surface as well. I always noticed most divers favor the Seiko brand and now I can see why.”

On a related note, Nicolas continues… “These days many of us also use a diving computer, key instrument in allowing us to plan our dive. In most cases, it’s worn on one wrist and, for safety, an analog divers watch on the other wrist.”


Reflecting on his passion for diving, Nicolas shares… “As a young boy, I loved watching those Jacques Cousteau documentaries, rarely missing any of them. Later on, at age 19, I went on a Caribbean cruise with my grandmother Giselle, avid swimmer and promoter of water sports. When docking in St. Martin, we noticed a sign about participating in a ‘diving baptism’; needless to say, grandma led me right to it…and that’s when I fell in love with diving. Ever since then, always looking forward to my next underwater adventure. I do travel extensively all over the world and every opportunity I have to enjoy the sport, deepens my sense of appreciation and respect for the water world, which some people don’t realize covers two-thirds of our planet.”