Appleton brings taste of Jamaica to JFK Terminal 5

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Gruppo Campari is running a major activity for Appleton Estate rum with International Shoppes at New York JFK Airport’s Terminal 5 (JetBlue).  The event highlights the close link between Appleton and the theme of world travel.

Shoppers are welcomed to a ‘cargo station’ where they receive a brand-stamped souvenir ‘customs clearance form’ that shares key facts on the creation of Appleton Estate rums. The form invites them to visit the tasting bar to sample the Appleton Estate Jamaican Mule.

The lounge bar is designed to be a typical Jamaican Cockpit Country bar, and features a production guide and tasting map integrated into the table-tops.

The bar also offers guided tastings of other rums across the Appleton portfolio, including Appleton Estate Signature Blend (a blend of 21 different aged rums), Appleton Reserve Blend (a blend of 15 different aged and rare stocks), Appleton Rare Blend 12 Years (Minimum aged 12 years) and Appleton Estate 21 Year Old (minimum aged 21 years).

“This campaign expresses the unique strength of Appleton Estate to drive the category through our comprehensive and versatile premium golden rum portfolio,” says Gruppo Campari Global Travel Retail Marketing Director Charles Roullet.

“This new activation at JFK is a great way to share the Appleton Estate story; passengers have responded enthusiastically and it draws a smile from everyone who sees it! More seriously, it’s de-signed to be a powerful driver of what we perceive as an under-developed category. In particular, the production process focuses on guaranteed minimum aged liquid to deliver a higher level of quality, thus enhancing the credibility, consistency and appeal of the whole rum category.”

Roullet adds that the JFK activation is the latest expression of the brand core global promotional theme of a ‘Special Delivery from the heart of Jamaica,’ which characterizes the Appleton Estate experience as an irresistible taste of Jamaican paradise wherever you travel.

“Each activation delivers a unique customer experience, further highlighting how original activities that surprise and delight the shopper can drive greater engagement and sales growth for the category,” he says.

International Shoppes Vice President Scott Halpern, adds: “Terminal 5 offers a state of the art passenger experience and it’s important that we offer passengers exciting and original brand presentations.

“We are delighted to host this colorful promotion by Appleton Estate, giving travelers an energetic, entertaining and memorable taste of Jamaica.”

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