Diversified product categories and customer base leads MONARQ Group from strength to strength

MONARQ Group strengthened its growing portfolio and focused on its core consumer groups to once again have its best year ever last year, MONARQ Managing Director Robert de Monchy tells TMI.

“We are still in what seems to be the aftermath of the pandemic but 2021 was our best year ever and 2022 is following the same trend,” he says.
De Monchy says that by supplying both domestic and duty free markets, as well as not focusing on one single category, MONARQ has been able to maintain growth.
“Duty Free retail and cruise have indeed been particularly challenging during 2020 and 2021. Fortunately, MONARQ Group is supplying both duty free and domestic channels in the Americas with the exception of domestic USA and Canada. Moreover, we don’t depend on a specific category as we are supplying spirits, wines, beer and a number of related non-alcoholic beverages. Working in this part of the world has taught us to spread our business over different categories and channels, while maintain our focus in beverages,” he says.

Robert de Monchy

“Over the past 15 years we have seen it all, from natural disasters, pandemics, to political, social, economic, financial and humanitarian crises. Our strategy and business have fortunately proven rock solid. Today, we see growth in basically all main categories and spread over all channels. Some categories are excelling, such as rosé – and sparkling wine /champagne, beer, RTD’s and premium spirits, especially tequila and whisk(e)y /bourbon. Premium rum has finally started to gain serious traction as well.”
MONARQ has also been targeting Millennials and Generation Z, which have become core consumer groups.
“These age groups have different interests, buying patterns and preferences. The market and its supply chain is changing due to the strong growth of social media, e-commerce and hybrid distribution models, targeting and servicing these new generations. We are working on a number of exciting projects meeting these new demands.”
MONARQ added strong brands in multiple categories during the pandemic, adding to the power of the portfolio.
“During 2021 and 2022, we have strengthened our portfolio with a number of new prestigious premium brands such as a part of the Pernod-Ricard portfolio, namely Lillet, Del Maguey and Malfy Gin as well as Bollinger Champagne, Barbancourt Rhum, Don Papa and, most recently, Uncle Nearest American Whiskey. Furthermore, the launch of Jack Daniel’s Apple has been very successful.”
MONARQ will be offering special pack promos for a number of its brands, such as Jack Daniel’s, Licor 43, Bollinger, Barbancourt and Molinari.
“Furthermore, we are putting special focus and additional resources on U.S. travel retail, including the cruise business, which is predicted to be largely up and running for the new cruise season, starting this October/November.”
After two years without an Americas trade show, MONARQ is looking forward to seeing its friends at the Summit in Palm Beach.
“We highly value the personal touch, welcoming of our friends and meeting potential new customers at our booth to present them our portfolio, including our new brands. We value the Summit of the Americas and IAADFS organization and have continuously supported both over the past 15 years. On the other hand, the world is changing rapidly and both visitor – and exhibitor numbers have unfortunately been decreasing constantly in previous years. We will be making a critical analysis after this year’s show with regards to the future.”