Duty Free Dynamics and Simextra Group join forces to open a LEGO airport store in South America

Duty Free Dynamics (DFD) and Simextra Group have partnered to bring one of the first stores fully dedicated to LEGO in South America to life at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) in Guyana. The new store is located in the airport’s departure hall.

DFD continues to develop its reputation for building worldwide brands’ in the Travel Retail channel and Simextra is a multi-category enterprise focused on the domestic wholesale, distribution and travel retail market.

Maria Villarreal, VP Commercial/Americas at Duty Free Dynamics, comments“We feel really proud to be able to open one of the first stores fully dedicated to LEGO within the LatAm region. We’re also honored to join forces with Simextra Group. This step represents the beginning of Duty Free Dynamics’ new commercial strategy. Moving forward, DFD’s business will be focused on the development of brand concept stores throughout the Americas. We will be joining forces with our best partners regionwide. We will be developing this new model with all the brands within our company’s portfolio which we consider will be self-sustainable under a monobrand retail environment.”

Awien Soekhoe, CEO at Simextra Group, adds: “What started as a small idea to also offer LEGOâ toys in our travel retail stores, slowly grew into a fully dedicated brand store at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. An entire team of local and international professionals has dedicated their time and best efforts and the result exceeded everyone’s expectations. As always, we don’t consider ourselves simply a domestic wholesaler or travel retail operator, but a professional partner with market experience, willing to work towards the long-term goals of all stake holders.”

Duty Free Dynamics – which is now developing global brands in 10 categories – says that it is focused on the creation of a sustainable network of mono-brand stores through strategic alliances  using the company’s solid experience, strong relationships, and networking capabilities. For more information, please go to www.dutyfreedynamics.com