Essence Corp adds French luxury perfume Atelier Cologne to portfolio

Atelier Colgne logoEssence Corp. has been appointed the exclusive agent for French luxury perfume Atelier Cologne for the Latin America Local markets and Travel Retail markets in the Americas and Caribbean.

“Thanks to their solid expertise of the region and the excellent quality of their teams, we are confident that Essence Corp will be the ideal partner to develop and represent our brand in this territory,” said company founder Christophe Cervasel in his letter announcing the new agreement.

Cervasel, along with perfumer Sylvie Ganter, established Atelier Cologne in 2009, inspired by the legendary citruses of Eau de Cologne, first created in 1709. As a result, the two created a new olfactive family, Cologne Absolue, blending the citrus base with precious natural raw materials for a balanced and long-lasting luxury fragrance. 

Atelier cologne .Their Cologne Absolue is made in Grasse, France, from a pure extrait de parfum, with very high concentration, between 15-20%, of citrus notes and blended with the highest quality natural raw material.

Atelier Cologne is now available in more than 35 countries and has sold more than 700,000 flacons in the past five years, said Cervasel: “[We are] ranking top 20 in 90% of our stores, top 10 in 40% and top 5 in 20%,” he said.

“We have been sharing our passion worldwide discovering that thousands of customers were actually looking for this new type of perfume: fresh, elegant, with character, very long lasting and unique.”

“We like to build our success year after year with selected retail partners, which share our vision for a ‘new-luxury’ perfume fast growing emerging segment. The new ‘Maisons de Parfum’ grow by +25% every year and Atelier Cologne is the fastest growing with +100% growth in average since 3 years now,” he said.

Essence Corp will be showcasing Atelier Cologne at booth #1903 at the IAADFS Show.