Godiva launches global marketing campaign “Godiva is Chocolate” to communicate wider availability of the premium brand

Godiva has announced the launch of GODIVA Is Chocolate, a marketing campaign celebrating Godiva’s growth beyond its strong gifting roots, as it expands its availability “into the chocolate aisle.”

With nearly 100 years of history and a rich Belgian heritage, the iconic brand is renowned for the highest possible quality in its premium products, ingredients, and signature packaging.

The company says that it is now growing its presence in retail to be an “elevated” every day treat for anyone – and this new campaign is a big part of that plan. The global campaign will have a major focus in the USA market.

 Godiva has partnered with actor Chris Evans to be the voice of the new GODIVA Is Chocolate marketing campaign. Evans, best known for his roles in “The Avengers” franchise, “Knives Out” and “Gifted,” has an approachability and charisma that lend themselves to the new Godiva brand positioning and sentiments in the new campaign.

The GODIVA Is Chocolate campaign, developed in partnership with TracyLocke, showcases Godiva as a premium treat that all of us deserve to enjoy each day – instead of saving it only for special occasions. The message focuses on its portion control sizes, sharing packages, on-the-go convenient formats, in addition to its formal, high-end gifting boxes. This new campaign communicates quality, premiumness, and leadership.  

 GODIVA Is Chocolate will launch on the U.S. market and feature spots across Over the Top Media, digital, social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) and retail touchpoints through in-store signage to reach consumers where they are. The campaign will also be featured in impactful Out of Home locations and billboards to further drive the message of the campaign. The ads will highlight Godiva’s product portfolio with four creative spots, each highlighting four different Godiva products, including: Signature Mini Bars: Eight individually wrapped portion control chocolate bars; Chocolate Domes: Multisensorial and textured, with creamy, crispy and crunchy layers:; Masterpieces: Crafted chocolates with elegant designs and luxurious fillings; and Classic Gold Collection: Godiva’s new-to-market Iconic Gold collection chocolates now available where consumers shop every day.   

 All products are available at U.S. retailers nationwide, and on godiva.com. They are also available at various GTR points-of-sales across the country.