Imperial Tobacco emphasizes consumer focus in Cannes

Imperial Tobacco is evolving its stand at TFWA World Exhibition (Gold Village
GO 6). The general theme ‘The Art of Tobacco’ remains, but the company says that it will now reflect a greater focus on traveler and regional specifics, behavior and preferences as they differ significantly by region.

The stand will be segmented not by brand, as in the past, but by regions, with each meeting room highlighting the brands that are specific and relevant to travelers from
those areas.

Andreas Lemke, Global Duty Free General Manager explains that the Asia meeting room will highlight Davidoff Magnum 1926 Elite, for example, while the Europe room would focus more on Gauloises, Lambert & Butler and gv Smooth.

“We believe this is a much better approach for retailers than buying by brand; our stand really becomes a global map of traveling consumer preferences,” says Lemke. “Tobacco is, of course, our DNA and, with our uniquely broad portfolio of brands and products within the category Imperial Tobacco is a true one- stop shop for retailers within travel retail.

“Equally important, however, is an understanding of travelers and their different needs and preferences – a subject that seems obvious but is too often neglected, particularly within the tobacco sector. At TFWA World Exhibition this year we want to emphasize how well Imperial Tobacco understands these needs; knows how different nationalities shop and what their preferences are within different product groups.”

In conjunction with the stand focus, Imperial Tobacco will be also presenting its Category Management approach to retailers.