South America

Argentina’s new president ends restrictions on buying/selling dollars and reverses other currency controls

John Gallagher reports. Since Mauricio Macri, the Centrist-leaning Mayor of the city of Buenos Aires, won Argentina’s second-round runoff election on November 22nd to become the country’s next president, Argentines have been expecting major changes in fiscal and business regulations, including steps to improve relations with foreign creditors and the U.S. Macri narrowly won with […]

L’Oréal TRAM and Dufry engage Americas’ passengers with Polo Red Panamerican racing challenge

  L’Oréal’s Travel Retail subsidiary in the Americas (TRAM), in partnership with Dufry Group, embarked on a month-long, ground-breaking animation for its best- selling Polo Red franchise in September. The Ralph Lauren experience animation was TRAM’s first digital pan-American competition using Facebook targeted to airport passengers. Since its launch in 2013, Polo Red has been […]

L’Oréal breaks new frontiers with Haircare & Professional Products

London Supply opens first Kérastase Travel Retail Salon in Americas, with Dermacenter to follow as travel retail and domestic markets join forces to recruit new customers. Lois Pasternak reports. L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Division is all about differentiation and bringing a unique offer to the consumer, says Jose Luis Lacunza, Division Manager of Active Cosmetics & […]