Travel Markets Insider Newsletter Vol. 22 No. 16

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In a key development for the region, the U.S. Congress passed a bill that will enable the major cruise lines to rescue some of its popular Alaska season – maybe! Once the bill is signed by President Joe Biden, which is expected, the CDC still has to give its approval. Page 1.

Dufry made a lot of news in the past week. Releasing its first quarter 2021 earnings, the travel retail leader reported some gradual improvements although turnover in the first three months is still down significantly.
The biggest change is the completion of a reorganization that combined all the divisions in the Western Hemisphere into one unit now called The Americas, which was able to go forward due to the delisting of Hudson, which was fully reintegrated into the Dufry Group. See details on pages 1 & 3.

Congratulations to Sarah Branquinho, who has been appointed Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Dufry, as well as a member of the Global Executive committee. Page 1.

In related news, Hudson announced that CEO Roger Fordyce was stepping down to be succeeded by Jordi Martin-Consuegra. Page 2. 

m1nd-set released a fascinating study that tracks post-COVID shopper conversion. Fewer travelers are visiting airport stores, but more of those who do enter are buying, says the research agency. See more on this important research on page 4.

Servy (formerly Grabis now launching its contactless food ordering services at Salt Lake City International Airport. Page 5.

Underscoring optimism for recovery, Airport Dimensions, the biggest lounge provider in the U.S., will launch two new lounges in U.S. airports later this year, plus several more in 2022 and 2023, including a noteworthy new venture in San Francisco International. Page 5. 

In another indication of recovery, Heinemann Americas announced a partnership with international transport and logistics company Bolloré Logistics in Miami. Heinemann Americas CEO Nadine Heubel says the new deal will help it meet the needs of its new and expanding cruise contracts. Page 6.

Cabeau. CNN Underscored named Cabeau’s Evolution S3 the Best Travel Pillow for 2021, as the innovative company launches a new inflatable version for the times. Page 5.Stoli Group held a memorable tasting event for its Se Busca Mezcal during the recent Virtual Summit of the Americas. Page 6.