World Class Brands and Travel Retail Global partner to create “relevant” Protect-Aid travel disinfectant kit

Travel retail companies World Class Brands and Travel Retail Global have collaborated to create a new concept for disinfectant and protective products called Protect-Aid(tm).

The Protect-Aid Kit contains two pairs of latex powder-free gloves, two disposable face masks, one 50 ml bottle of hand sanitizer with Aloe Vera and 10 disinfecting surface wipes. Both the hand sanitizer and wipes are anti–bacterial and kill 99.9% of germs. The wipes also contain the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride, which is highly effective and long lasting on surfaces. The kits will retail in travel retail and duty free in a $15 or less price range.

In an interview with WCB, president and owner Leonard Di Cristofano said that the companies want to offer travelers a protected journey in the present COVID-19 environment.

“Our Protect-Aid Travel Kit has been well thought out and contains items that are practical and simple in nature. We created the kits for use at airports, on airplanes, cruise ships, hotels, car rentals and restaurants,” explains Di Cristofano.


Accessible pricing – high quality

“We have made the price fair and affordable. We feel strongly, as a group, that we are providing a public service in these very trying times.”

The two companies have spent the past month researching pro-ducts, and sourcing high quality products, sanitizing applications and packaging options, Di Cristofano tells TMI.

He explains: “We wanted to ensure that the products met all the TSA requirements, including sizes, and that we produced everything within the proper guidelines. We also discovered that there are many different levels of quality of sanitizers.

“Apart from meeting the alcohol requirements we found a specific highly recommended ingredient — Benzalkonium Chloride—which can protect a surface for up to three days, which is much more effective than a regular alcohol wipe. We sourced a producer who can put this into the wipes to produce an elevated level of sanitation.

“We also brought everything we were doing to the FDA (Federal Drug Administration), so that we wouldn’t violate any of the medical requirements,” said Di Cristofano.

“We went the extra mile to make sure that we are bringing a product to the market that has maximum germ-killing ability and will be accessible to everyone. It is designed to drive that impulse purchase.”


Collection of essentials

The kit offers a great value with two masks (not N95), two pairs of gloves, the sanitizer and 10 wipes, he says.

“It gives you all the essentials that you would need to travel safely in this environment, and delivers protection that we need not only for ourselves but for others.

“We have been working on this day and night for over a month. To put so many products together from so many factories was a challenge. Buying in bulk and bringing all the elements to a single facility to assemble was another major feat. But we found a consolidator with a great sterile environment in Hong Kong. That environment protects the elements in the kits from becoming compromised.”

World Class Brands and Travel Retail Global tried to cover all the little details. For example, they are using pre-sealed inner bags to prevent any cross contamination of the sterile masks and gloves. Even the name is trademarked.

“We have a great product mix,” says Di Cristofano. “Anyone who travels from now on will go through a new set of procedures, whether you are renting a car or sitting on a plane. This is going to be the new normal. This kit is about practicality. We’re providing something to the market that will be greatly needed. This is a necessary tool for all of us as we move forward. We want to stay relevant during a difficult time.”

Travel Retail Global is responsible for the duty-paid travel retail channel in the Americas and domestic sales in the U.S. and UK & EU. World Class Brands, in conjunction with London-based Magnify Brands, is responsible for duty free globally.

As of now Protect-Aid is listed in Hudson News and several other leading Travel Retail outlets. Di Cristofano said that their first production run has already sold out and that they are taking orders for the next shipment.

For further information please contact Leonard (Lenny) Di Cristofano at World Class Brands. Tel: 847-518-1600. Mobile: 847-414-8744. Email: Lenny Or Martin Lovatt at Magnify Brands. Email: