3Sixty opens at Dallas Fort Worth Terminal C

Florida-based 3Sixty Duty Free & More has celebrated the grand opening of a new store located at Terminal C of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Responding to the sharp increase in domestic traffic in Dallas Fort Worth, (which they say  is currently the world’s busiest airport), 3Sixty has deployed a range of creative strategies aimed at attracting customers back into its retail locations, after months of industry-wide upheaval due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The travel retailer officially opened its doors at the new location on Saturday, August 29.

The eye-catching store is designed to allow customers to easily interact with different products while creating an elevated retail experience in what is mostly a domestic terminal.

The store is showcasing an assortment of duty paid categories including perfume and cosmetics, confectionery and accessories, as well as core duty free liquor, tobacco. Supported by aggressive promotions, 3Sixty executives say this has already proven to be a winning formula for customers in this terminal, with encouraging sales in the first few days.

“The response to COVID-19 is still ongoing,” 3Sixty Chief Operations Officer, Alex Anson said. “3Sixty’s ability to quickly adapt and respond to the surge in demand highlights our efforts on remaining nimble, while delivering strategic solutions in the midst of this global crisis.”