Atlanta City Council votes to extend rent relief at Hartsfield-Jackson for concessionaires

The Atlanta City Council has voted to approve a request by Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to extend rent relief to airport restaurant and shop operators for a year, as the concessionaires continue to suffer from drastically reduced passenger traffic during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Atlanta City Council Transportation Committee recommended to the Atlanta City Council that the City continues to waive the minimum rent requirements, and instead collect just a percentage of the businesses’ revenue, until June 30, 2021, reported the Atlanta Journal Constitution on June 24. The City Council voted in favor of the rent relief last Wednesday.

The airport has also asked to waive fees charged to concessionaires for parking, marketing and storage.

After the one-year of rent relief, the airport also plans to adjust future minimum rent requirements by basing it on percentage rent paid in the previous 12 months, reports the AJC.

Passenger counts are down 80% compared with a year ago, said the AJC, quoting airport general manager John Selden.