Brexit delivers significant new potential market for UK and EU duty free business

According to the latest report fromSwiss research agency m1nd-set, there might be a silver lining emerging from the confusion and crisis of the last year—in this case from Brexit.

    m1nd-set reports that the number of travelers eligible to purchase duty free goods at European and British airports could increase by over 60%, following changes in British and EU regulations at the end of the Brexit transition period on January 1, 2021.

In a special post-Brexit analysis study, m1nd-set assesses the impact of the return of duty free allowances on excise goods for travelers between EU countries and the UK.

The research analyses the potential gains in terms of passenger numbers market by market, focusing on the major airports and highlighting the individual gains in passenger numbers eligible to purchase duty free goods when traveling between the UK and each respective EU market before and post Brexit.

Using its proprietary Business 1ntelligence Service (B1S), m1nd-set measures the volume of duty-exempt passengers departing from any of the 1500 airports covered in B1S, based on their unique flight path.

British and European airports will see a potential increase of 156 million eligible customers into their stores, as of January 2021; these are essentially travelers between the UK and EU countries who were previously not eligible to purchase excise goods duty free at airports on departure or arrival.


  The UK will benefit the most from the return of duty free alcohol and tobacco sales between the EU and UK with an additional 78.7 million additional eligible travelers. The other top-ten markets set to benefit include Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland and Greece.

The total number of additional eligible potential duty free shoppers across Spain’s airports is estimated at 16.5 million. Italy will see just below 8 million additional shoppers eligible to purchase duty free products; Germany will have 7.3 million additional eligible duty free shoppers; with the Republic of Ireland seeing more than 6.6 million eligible new shoppers.

Rounding out the top ten markets, French airports will see an increase of 5.87 million passengers eligible to purchase duty free, the Netherlands +5.77 million, Portugal +4.09 million, Poland +4.02 million and Greece, +3.47 million.

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