Brown-Forman unveils GTR exclusive Benriach Triple Distilled 25 Years Old

Brown-Forman has announced the GTR exclusive launch of Benriach Triple Distilled 25 Years Old, limited to only 1,000 9L cases.

The Benriach Triple Distilled 25 Years Old joins the exclusive Brown-Forman GTR lineup, alongside core variants like Triple Distilled 10 Years Old, Quarter Cask, and Smoky Quarter Cask.

Stéphane Morizet, Marketing Director GTR at Brown-Forman, notes, “The Benriach Triple Distilled 25 Years Old exemplifies our dedication to offering unique and exceptional whiskies to our global travelers. This limited edition release represents a refined and elegant single malt, expertly blended to showcase the rich spice and complexity that a quarter century of maturation imparts.”

The Benriach Triple Distilled 25 Years Old is crafted from the distillery’s initial batches of triple distilled spirit and matured in Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry, and Virgin Oak casks.

The whisky displays a color reminiscent of autumn gold. The aroma profile includes toasted sticky toffee walnuts, orange compote, and manuka honey, along with subtle notes of cinnamon and crystallized ginger over a base of apricot and cherry glazed brioche.

On the palate, there is a combination of warming oak spice and fine soft leather, supporting flavors of nectarine and oloroso sherry. The finish is marked by a lingering touch of white grape.