Cabeau develops solution to increase safety and comfort of masks

Cabeau has developed Cabeau Tape, an innovative new PPE solution designed to increase comfort and safety for mask-wearing customers as they begin to travel again.

Patent-pending Cabeau Tape, FDA approved and dermatologist-recommended, are medical-grade adhesive strips that seal the gaps that form around a mask’s perimeter and are compatible with all face coverings. Gaps cause eyeglass fogging and are an indication of a serious breach in mask filtration.

A recent study published by the National Library of Medicine reports that “gaps (as caused by an improper fit of the mask) can result in over a 60% decrease in the filtration efficiency.”

David Sternlight, founder and CEO of Cabeau Inc, searched for a solution to improve filtration efficacy.

“Too often I saw masks that slid down under the nose, exposing the wearer to infection,” Sternlight says. “This leads to even greater contamination when the person repeatedly touches the mask to readjust it, thereby compromising the filter.”

Cabeau Tape applied along either side of the nose bridge and up the sides of the mask greatly increases mask efficacy by blocking inhalation/exhalation routes with the least resistance to airflow, says the company. While it adheres to any clean, dry surface, the greatest filtration is achieved by sealing the tape to faces without facial hair along the mask edges. Cabeau Tape may be reapplied up to 2 additional times, allowing the user to remove and replace their mask as desired.

With face shapes varying widely, especially between different aged users, creating size and fit issues with universal masks, Cabeau Tape resolves this problem by adhering the mask directly to the face. The adhesive is strong enough to keep the mask securely positioned even for those actively engaged in sports like running and cycling, says the company.

Cabeau Tape has already been a success in the U.S. domestic market, with medical personnel, food service professionals, hospitality staff, hair stylists and others who must wear masks for extended periods of time.