DFI launches range of sustainable shopping bags for travel retailers


In a first for travel retail, Swiss company Duty Free Innovation AG (DFI) has announced it has launched a range of eco-friendly sustainable bags for the industry.

As the conversation surrounding plastic waste continues to become exponentially louder and against a backdrop of consumer activism, DFI’s officers say they are reacting to the demand for plastic-free packaging and the ever-changing and ever stricter legislation surrounding plastic that is coming in to force.

DFI states that the range, which is currently being considered by a number of travel retailers, is not only great for shopping but also for the traveling shoppers’ conscience. Designed to allow retailers to either replace or upgrade their existing range of bags, DFI says that by implementing their range of bags they match the quality and weight-carriage needs of the existing bags provided to shoppers across the globe.

The sustainable bag is currently not being used in the U.S. but Garry Stasiulevicuis, Vice President Global Commercial Strategy, tells TMI that the company is speaking to 3Sixty and engaging with Dufry to see how it could work.

Travel bag- A patented design, created specifically with ease-of-shop for the traveler in mind, the Travel Bag also meets all cabin-approved guidelines and can accommodate products of all sizes. It is certified 100% recycled rPETand fully recyclable, and provides an opportunity for mass exposure.

“Our core bag can be security tagged and could be used as the bag to deliver to gate – or the current security bag could be placed in the Travel Bag. We are looking at a clear compostable option too which is in development,” he says.

DFI estimates that up to 10 billion single use bags are being used in travel retail every year with only a small percentage of these being recycled or reused.

According to DFI, its range of sustainable bags will allow travel retail to be at the forefront of the global fight against plastic leaking in to the environment, with a clear and affordable alternative for retailers across the industry to replace single use plastic. “This is something that will help slow or halt the global plastic waste epidemic, says Stasiulevicuis.

     Simon Best, Vice President Innovation for DFI adds, “It is critical for the travel retail industry as a whole to react and embrace change when considering the role of single use plastic and the industry must act now and serve as a role model to other channels.”

The DFI range, already being used by multiple high street retailers including Selfridges, Boots and other well-known brands, includes a variety of sustainable materials for retailers to consider.

These include:

The Travel Bag –Made from 3 plastic bottles saved from landfill and is certified 91% rPET material, to create a reusable bag.

The Shopper Tote Bag and Duffel Bag –Made from 100% certified recycled plastic, taking 2 and 1 bottle from landfill respectively.

Paper Bag Range; various sizes and styles available  – Made from up to 100% recycled paper and Forrest Stewardship Council approved.

Polythene bag Range; various sizes and styles available – Made from 70% recycled factory waste.

The Travel Basket fits most trolley designs and offers multiple opportunities for personalization, branding, advertising and sponsorship.

DFI notes that its core range of rPET recycled bags directly stops plastic bottles from polluting the environment by saving them from reaching landfill and that their progress can be measured in the number of bottles they use. The Swiss company says it believes the industry could save up to a billion bottles from landfill by 2025.

Stasiulevicuis says, “At DFI, we believe everyone has a role to play in changing how plastic pollutes the environment. The range we provide allows us to help retailers make progress on their sustainability efforts while driving their social and ethical credentials for travelers and shoppers.”

     Additionally, DFI says the travel bag is designed specifically for travel retail and is part of a shopping system that is proven to encourage shoppers to buy more while allowing them to easily carry their purchase. The bag is designed to easily fit over the handles of a trolley bag, allowing hands free shopping and carriage.

For any retailer or brand who would like to know more or who would like a copy of the sample catalog, please contact:




or visit www.dutyfreeinnovation.com