DFS Group reopens iconic store in Waikiki, celebrating 60 years in Hawaii

DFS Group reopened its iconic store in the heart of Waikiki, Hawaii on September 14. Celebrating more than 60 years in the islands, DFS says its Waikiki store is set to redefine the world of luxury shopping for both locals and visitors, offering them a curated selection of more than 100 renowned brands in beauty, watches, fashion, food and more. At the newly reopened DFS Waikiki, everyone is welcome to shop, without needing passports or boarding passes.

DFS is home to the largest beauty hall in Hawaii, a luxury destination for high-end jewelry icons, fine watch assortments and a collection of local treats and services. Many of these exclusive offers are travel retail exclusives, unavailable anywhere else in the islands. Examples include DFS’ exclusive Hawaii Market Collection brand, Dior La Collection Prive, Chloe Atelier, Guerlain, along with travel retail assortments for Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Veuve Clicquot.

DFS also houses the largest collection of local brands in Waikiki, featuring more than 45 local makers and artisans such as Jules & Gem, Ua Body, Lanikai Bath & Body, Wai Meli, Manoa Chocolate, Coco Moon and more.

“We are excited to welcome back locals and visitors to our iconic Waikiki store, which has been inspired by the beauty and authenticity of the islands to reimagine the DFS Waikiki experience,” said Benjamin Vuchot, DFS chairman and CEO. “Hawaii is an important location for the DFS portfolio with its rich history and legacy in the islands. DFS is committed to continuing to introduce the best experience to Hawaii and its locations worldwide.”

The luxury store has been thoughtfully reimagined for the next generation of Hawaii shoppers, says the company. The simple and elegant design, with a sustainable approach, yields an elevated organic and bold design inspired by the island’s natural beauty. Customers are transported into the depths of the oceans when they walk into the store as the carpet is adorned with varying shades of blues, skillfully chosen to accentuate the enchanting allure of the ocean and Hawaii’s abundant coastal treasures. Complementing this, intricate floral patterns and carefully placed decor serve to celebrate the diversity of Hawaii’s natural splendor and its lush vegetation.

“The grand reopening of DFS Waikiki marks a significant milestone in the world of luxury shopping in Hawaii,” said Vinay Lamba, President of DFS’ Asia Pacific and U.S. regions. “In addition to providing exceptional products and services to its customers, DFS is dedicated to contributing to the local community. For the reopening of our Waikiki store, we’ve partnered with Nā Kama Kai to upcycle more than 70 locally sourced surfboards into visual merchandising displays for the launch period. These will then be donated to the youth programs of Nā Kama Kai, a local non-profit organization whose mission is to help children foster a connection to the ocean and to teach ocean safety, conservation, and stewardship. We are also selling the Maui Strong t-shirts across our stores in U.S. with all proceeds to be donated to support the rebuilding of communities affected by the Maui fires.”

In addition to supporting the community it serves, DFS is also committed to creating enduring employment opportunities. Since reopening, 90 percent of DFS Waikiki’s current workforce is made up of former employees, including several management staff with more than 45 years of service.