Duty Free Dynamics visits LEGO World in Denmark in preparation to open travel retail stores in the Americas

Duty Free Dynamic’s Tatiana Pinto during her visit to LEGO headquarters in Denmark.

Duty Free Dynamics, which has been appointed LEGO Master Franchiser for the Americas travel retail channel, is about to open LEGO certified stores in the coming months.

In preparation for the LEGO store openings, Duty Free Dynamics LEGO brand manager, Tatiana Pinto, recently visited the LEGO headquarters in Denmark.

This tour provided an opportunity for Pinto to be trained in the entire range of LEGO products and to discover the latest innovations of 2020. It also enabled her to discover the LEGO house, a concept only available in Billund (LEGO’s mother city).

    The LEGO House is a 12000sqm real interactive house that took more than 4 years to construct.

     The objective was not to promote the product, nor to create an amusement park or a museum, but to create an original and distinctive place where visitors can connect with the company.

     This unique construction is directly inspired by the LEGO bricks, stacking 21 parallelepipeds to create a giant three dimensional sculpture.

The volumes intertwine and overlap, and are overhung by vast terraces, using the bright colors of the LEGO palette. The topmost cube is an oversized 2×4 Lego brick, called Keystone.

Inside the building, there are 25 million LEGO bricks, used for many experiments in different areas.

The building is color-coded into four areas of experience and creativity: The green zone focuses on social interaction, the yellow zone plays with emotions, the red section allows visitors to test their creative skills and the blue section allows them to test their cognitive skills, such as memory.

“As the LEGO Group remains the world’s leading toy manufacturer, this concept will not be reproduced anywhere else in the world; it will remain unique to the brand’s hometown,” comments Pinto.