Essence Corp keeps BAs engaged through Zoom trainings

Miami-based fragrance distribution company Essence Corp has adapted to remote working while the city is shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, reports Essence Corp Vice president Patricia Bona.

“While many of our client duty free stores are closed, as a distributor we are always busy,” she tells TMI. “Some stores have begun to open up and we have to plan what to do when the others open. We are deciding how to operate under the new normal with no testers, no spraying.”

The company is also doing everything that it can to retain staff. “We need to keep our good people. We stand by our staff,” she promises.

Last week, the company held a major “zoom” training session attended by 40 Beauty Advisors from throughout North, Central and South America. The BAs “met” with the Essence teams that included two trainers, the Americas Commercial Team, Essence Corp Executive Sales Director Antoine Bona and – as a special guest at the conclusion of the session — Vice President Patricia Bona.

“The purpose of the training was to keep the Beauty Advisors engaged, giving them precaution measures for when the POS will reopen, and cheering up the team!” says Bona.

“During the meeting, we encouraged the Beauty Advisors to stay positive and to get the best out of this situation, by learning and enriching their knowledge through the tools and virtual trainings provided to them by the company,” explains Maria Ninfa Alvarez, Essence Corp Senior International Trainer TR Americas. “We also reviewed work matters, ranging from doing a refresh on their job priorities to learning best practices, along with safety measures and hygiene they should implement when going back to the field.

“It was also a way to make them feel part of the Essence family,” said Alvarez.

Essence Corp’s staff of more than 60 people have been working from home for two months now, and Bona notes that “remote is working.”

As of now, the company does not plan to have employees return to the office until mid-June, and at that time, the staff will work in shifts so as to maintain safe social distancing, says Bona.