Hi-tech Glass 2 thermal glasses that can scan 1,000 ppm targets cruise channel

Glass 2 thermal glasses are now available to the cruise, travel, tourism, hospitality, and shipping industries.

Three respected cruise industry veterans are bringing a leading new technology that can scan up to 1,000 people per minute to the cruise channel, which is implementing new safety and sanitation measures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tony Murray at Taras Consultancy, Felipe Lopez at AL Concesiones, and Mark Lewis-Jones at CTD Marketing — with a combined total experience of over 80 years among them—are launching the hi-tech Glass 2 thermal glasses to maritime cruise, ferry, and cargo terminal operators.

Already used by a number of government policing agencies as well as in the private sector, Glass 2 thermal glasses are now available to the cruise, travel, tourism, hospitality, and shipping industries. They are ideal for high traffic environments, can easily scan guests, visitors, and workers, says Lewis-Jones.

Glass 2 thermal glasses can help expedite the movement of people, especially in high traffic areas, and detect those with elevated temperatures as a first line measure against the potential spread of contagion.

Quick and unobtrusive

This is faster, more efficient and reliable, and less obtrusive than utilizing smart temperature guns or thermal screening cameras, says Lewis-Jones.

 When the cruise industry resumes operations later this year, operators will need to implement new safety and sanitation measures to comply with international regulations to minimize risk of exposure to pathogens and spread of disease.

Lewis-Jones explains that the Glass 2 can scan crowds at a rate of 10 persons per second, much faster than a smart temperature gun, which typically makes one reading per second. This allows users to react much faster to a fever case as compared to the standard walk-through thermal screening unit, he says.

The thermal glasses can also be used at a much safer distance of 1.5 – 2.0 meters from the persons being monitored, and eliminates the need to obtrusively slow down embarkation and disembarkation lines by measuring each individual.

As an added safety measure, the Glass 2 thermal glasses can also be used for shipboard, public venues, entrance/exit points as well as private destination use.

It can also provide AI options to interface with facial recognition capabilities as well as hands-free document scanning procedures.

The Glass 2 glasses are offered through Taras Consultancy, a Miami-based firm with over 35 years of experience in the travel and cruise industries.

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