L’Oréal TRA delivers a strong O+O campaign for its Kiehl’s Loves travel-centric concept 

This summer Kiehl’s Travel Retail Americas launched a truly effective O+O campaign focused on its Kiehl’s Loves branded concept, proving its relevancy in the Travel Retail competitive landscape.

During this activation, Kiehl’s Travel Retail Americas was able to cultivate a sense of place in U.S. airports creating a connection with American passengers with a campaign that celebrates the cities served by Kiehl’s in Travel Retail.

DFS stores in San Francisco (above) and Los Angeles (below) airports engaged travelers with the bright and colorful graphics of the 2023 Kiehl’s Loves limited edition collection created this year by Neasden Control Center.

Every year Kiehl’s Loves is created in a collaboration with a different artist, and features a unique graphic expression, limited edition packaging for pillar products and campaign branded gifts with purchase. This year, the campaign was designed by Neasden Control Center whose sketch-like imagery and vibrant color palette brought a fresh and edgy dynamic to Kiehl’s Loves 2023 edition.  

 The animation was rolled out at 31 POS in all major U.S. airports (NYC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, etc) with 13 local interactions of the concept (Kiehl’s Loves New York, Kiehl’s Loves Los Angeles, Kiehl’s Loves Texas, to name a few).

The campaign was further amplified in three strategic POS for a big off-counter animation in DFS stores in JFK, LAX and SFO.  

 Kiehl’s has partnered with Trip-Advisor and Kiehl’s USA Local Market to amplify the campaign with a unique digital activation to create a seamless consumer journey from Travel Retail to Local market channels. The campaign reached and engaged millions of American travelers before their summer travels, providing a seamless consumer journey. 

Leveraging the unique TripAdvisor audience in the U.S., the brand connected with travelers through paid media, influencers, personalized direct emails and a takeover of TripAdvisor city pages covering the hottest travel destinations.  

To promote awareness and drive consumers to the duty free store, Trip-Advisor users were invited to explore the Kiehl’s Loves activation. This led the consumers to a first landing page featuring the animation, showcasing the Kiehl’s Loves products available only in duty free, and offering an exclusive offer: a free tote bag personalized for each city, available with Kiehl’s purchases at selected duty free stores throughout the United States.

TripAdvisor visitors were also provided with Kiehl’s recommendations for the best activities and places to visit in NYC, the hottest summer destination and brand’s home city.   

The TripAdvisor audience was invited to a breakthrough sweepstakes offering two lucky winners a luxurious trip to New York, complete with a unique experience at a Kiehl’s store, and provided an ultra-rich facial cream to another 50 winners.   

 Bertrand Auclaire, General Manager Digital & Global Retail, L’Oréal Travel Retail Americas, commented:  “With L’Oréal Travel Retail Americas’ latest Kiehl’s Loves activation, we are elevating our partnership with TripAdvisor to the next level, scaling our reach, engaging further travelers with an exclusive duty free store offer, a compelling sweepstakes, and unique co-created content by Kiehl’s and TripAdvisor for optimal performance. We also partner closely with Kiehl’s USA to build a seamless consumer journey from Travel Retail to Local Market channels, and one common consumer experience.” 

     “We were delighted to partner with Kiehl’s on one of the most innovative and successful retail campaigns we’ve ever launched,” added Christine Maguire, Vice President and Global Head of Sales at TripAdvisor. “Forming part of our ongoing global partnership with L’Oréal Travel Retail, this campaign leveraged our valuable audience and introduced tens of thousands incremental users into Kiehls’ marketing program via a beautifully designed content hub.”

This summer’s Kiehl’s Love O+O campaign worked with key influencers in key markets who demonstrated the new limited edition packaging for the brand’s pillar products, and engaged the TripAdvisor audience with a unique sweepstakes and coupons for